TEDxDornbirn 2018 – FACE IT

With this year’s theme ‘Face It’ we try to find speakers who are able to give insight to technology, science, personal stories, challenges and face topics we usually don’t come in touch with. What should we share in public? What should we keep to ourselves? Finding out where this border is, is the challenge we in our team want to figure out for this year’s event. Where is the border to what we should talk about and where is our own border to keep quiet? It’s a challenge for every individual to figure out what we want to face.

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  • 11:30 OPEN DOORS
  • 12:30 Session I
  • 14:00 Break

    Snacks & drinks in the foyer

  • 14:45 Session II
  • 16:30 Break

    Snacks & drinks in the foyer

  • 17:15 Session III
  • 19:00 Dinner
  • 21:00 Afterparty - open end

    at spielboden Kantine



Ken Munro
René Clares
James Chatfield
Daisy & Alex Demetre
Christian Baechler
Sally Hammoud
Agnes Maier
Stefan Verra
Jörg Menche
Carolina Eyck
Angelina Wolf & Sebastian Gerlich

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This year’s TEDxDornbirn is going to take place at spielboden Dornbirn.
It used to be a textile factory but is now the location for music, literature, film, party and much more.
July 21st 2018