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What do karriere.at and TEDxDornbirn have in common? They both embody a sense for innovation and loads of passion. And those two aspects are needed if great ideas are to evolve properly. Just like TEDxDornbirn provides a platform for individuals to engage with each other’s ideas, karriere.at is a platform itself bringing together the best employers and employees on a day to day basis with one mission in mind: making Mondays lovable again.

Trends in Lighting

TiL is the unique, international “Innovation in Light” event, that is dedicated to bridging the gap between technologies and applications. The aim of TiL is to be the “incubator in light” for ideas, processing, optimizations and applications of lighting technologies. TEDx is an important, international platform for ideas worth spreading, building bridges and to bring people together. TiL and TEDx have nearly the same goal… to share innovation, new ideas, inspiring stories and to bring brightness to your life! 


When Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen conceived the idea of cooperatives and a cooperative lending bank in the 1860‘s, the idea was way ahead of time and he surely faced some difficulties. The first TED event in 1984 featured a stellar lineup with cutting edge technology. Despite this program the event lost money and it took 6 years before the second TED event was held. Today over 1 billion people worldwide are organized in cooperatives and TED amassed over 1 billion video views on their website. Raiffeisen-cooperatives and TED – their founders couldn’t have dreamed of the worldwide success of their ventures.