2016, the first TEDxDornbirn took place at the designforum Vorarlberg.

I knew TED talks, but had a light idea, what TEDx was all about. So I decided to go there. It was awesome. Many people were listening to awesome stories. Some of the talks got straight under my skin. I fell in love with that event, the idea of it and the impact it would have on Vorarlberg. Soon after the Event, I asked Sarah Luger – she is, let’s say, the engine of TEDxDornbirn – what I would have to do to become a member of the team.
In 2017, still not a member of the organizing team, I decided to buy three of the early bird tickets to get some new people to visit that awesome event. I wanted to spread the idea of TEDxDornbirn, because it’s worth it. A few weeks before the event, I still had those three tickets. One of them was for me, but whom should I give the remaining two?

My idea was to shift the tickets for witty ideas. Soon my facebook post was ready and set and the reactions were unexpected intense and versatile.

A hard decision

I had to decide who I wanted to give a ticket for TEDxDornbirn. It was really hard to make a decision so I drew by lot. Felizitas and Benjamin were the lucky winners of a free ticket for the event and I wrote them a message. After arranging a time and place, I went on my first blind date with a guy and a girl. The day we spent was incredible. High quality talks on stage and a lot of laughter in the breaks. We became friends and met many times since then. Here you can see us, taking a selfie at the social media box, which was one of many sponsors of the event in 2017.

Ok, but where is the cheese?

Felizitas and Benajmin won the ticket, because they offered something for it:
Felizitas wrote a long text about why she wanted to be part of the tombola and offered me to prepare a “magical cheese sandwich”. That’s what it looked like:

Benjamin organized a “cheese networking event” at the Co-Working-Space I work at. He cooked cheese spaetzle for about 13 people. Have a look at the cheesy crowd:

In 2018, I am proud to officially be a member of the organizing team for TEDxDornbirn. The topic is “Face It!” See you there 😉

by Moritz Kempf