June 3, 2018

A walk through Austria

Did you know, that Austria and the other alpine regions are more affected by climate change than most other countries? Since industrial revolution, Austria’s temperatures have risen by 2°C – double the increase than the global average. Within our country the effects are already noticeable: glaciers retreat by almost 60%, for example, bringing many subsequent impacts with it (cf.cipra.org).

This is why we’re going for a walk.
A pretty long walk, actually.

For awareness about climate change, for pointing out that adventures can be found right behind your doorstep and don’t always need an airplane to be reached, and for sustainable development in general.

Therefore, Sebastian and me, Lina, will walk through Austria this summer. All the way from Lake Neusiedl to the Lake of Constance by foot. Besides the pure pleasure of getting to know our home country a bit better, our walk also has a greater sense.

First of all, we want to create awareness about man-­made climate change, meaning that along our way we want to spread the word about our current climate situation and clear things up in how they can contribute to climate protection in their daily life. This will take place in schools, where we’ll do the SDG 13 – Climate Action – Workshop, which was created by ECOGNIZE and Genration Earth earlier this year. Also, we’ll seek talks with as many people as possible along our way. Our appearance at the TEDxDornbirn will be the icing on the cake in this matter. Further, our walk is an act of activism, a call-‐up for taking responsibility, so to speak. We tend to point our fingers towards the Austrian government, to the European Union or the United Nations, claiming that we need stricter regulations if we want to stop climate change. Indeed – we fully agree. But this cannot be the only contribution. We want people to get moving and demand political change WHILE changing their own habits. If you see it the same way and you want to join us on our tour – even if only for a day?

Check out our route and drop an E-­Mail.

If you know a teacher or a youth organization interested in us holding a workshop about this matter for 10 – 14 year-­olds along the way? Just write an E-­‐Mail: info@ecognize.at.

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Our route

E-­Mail address if you want to join us a bit: angelina.m.wolf@gmail.com

E-­Mail address if you’re interested in us holding a workshop on the way: info@ecognize.at

Source: http://www.cipra.org/de/cipra/international/projekte/abgeschlossen/cc-­‐alps/ueber-­‐ccalps/klimawandel-­‐alpen