July 5, 2018

Interview with Austria’s biggest career platform

We think that it is important to talk to a lot of different people about how they create ideas. We asked Karriere.at to share some insights on how they work with new ideas in their team.

This year’s theme at TEDxDornbirn is ‘Face It’. What does Karriere.at have to face in the future?

Karriere.at is Austria’s biggest career platform and market leader for online recruiting solutions. Our aim for the future is to keep our market position. As IT company we are also facing skills shortage. IT specialists are in great demand, the digital world develops faster and faster and we too need to find people with the right skills and mindset.

What are you most looking forward to concerning this year’s TEDxDornbirn event? Is there a specific talk, topic, experience..?

For karriere.at it will be the first time at TEDxDornbirn and we are very excited and looking forward to an interesting day with different speakers like Stefan Verra, Anges Maier and Ken Munro.

Which specific ideas are in your opinion worth spreading? 

Every idea which was created to help people in their everyday life is worth spreading. That can be anything that makes your life easier, more comfortable and more valueable.

Where do most brilliant ideas come from? How do you find your ideas within the team?

Within our team it’s all about creating ideas. We sit together, talk together and brainstorm together. All ideas are a result of creative collaboration within our teams. Everyone is welcome to share ideas and thoughts even when they don’t get in touch with this specific topic in their daily work life. That is very important because sometimes you are doing things as a matter of routine and then you need a different angle of view from your colleagues which are not deeply involved in the process.

If Karriere.at were to bring one speaker from anywhere in the world to TEDxDornbirn, who would that speaker be?

Simon Sinek, Gary Vaynerchuk

Thank you Karriere.at for answering our questions.