Louis Suttman is an american living in Salzburg, Austria and one of the most funny speakers we had so far.

How to create the seemingly impossible?

Louis Suttmann was born in a very small village on a small island somewhere in America, his life was actually already clear for everyone. And that right from the start. School, education, job nearby. Just let the big, wide world be far away. It was a bit different when Louis Suttmann moved to Europe – to Salzburg. Some may claim that this is not yet the big, wide world – but ok. Louis Suttmann travelled a lot and within a few years he had seen large parts of Europe.

And then there was this one crucial lunch coffee in school. Louis Suttmann, his British colleague Ian and a few other employees and colleagues sat at the table. Once again it was about where you had already been and where you still want to go. This time, however, Louis simply burst out like this: “I’ve only been here a few years, but I’ve seen more of Europe than I’ll probably ever see of America, where I was born. He thought it would be very important to know more about his home country. He then though: Let’s do something crazy. For example, riding your bike across America and looking at everything. “Ok, I’ll come with you”, was the answer from the other end of the table.

Crossing Boarders
In short: there was no turning back and Louis and Ian actually crossed the USA from the west to the east coast with their bikes within two months.

What is this short excursion into history about? Well, what Louis and Ian did has a lot to do with overcoming borders. And in Dornbirn, Louis Suttmann explained one simple trick:

Just say “yes”

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