Getting in Tune – Carolina Eyck & her Theremin

Carolina Eyck is a musician and composer and one of the world’s foremost Theremin virtuosi. The Theremin is an instrument, which is played without even touching it.

Carolina dreams of a world, in which we can use the full potential of our human mind. A world in which we understand, accept and love each other. She believes that the reason for this disharmony is the disconnection from ourselves. This disconnection can be a result of the way we were raised, traumatic experiences we had, or all kinds of distraction we consume these days.

Furthermore, most school subjects are intellectual-based. We rarely learn how to deal with thoughts or emotions, or even how they are connected. As a result, we might feel stress, depression, anger, fear, pain or we might get sick at some point. Instead of dealing with these states or emotions, we often don’t know what to do, we ignore them or worse; make other people feel miserable to trick ourselves to feel better.

In order to be in harmony with ourselves, we need to be honest – especially to ourselves. The question Carolina constantly asks herself is, how she can be as honest as possible in every situation.

Carolina is a musician and teacher and in her TEDx Talk she speaks about the Theremin, the instrument she is playing and the technique she developed for playing it. Moreover, she is also talking about how we can learn to be increasingly in harmony with ourselves, especially when learning or playing an instrument.

Watch her full story online.