Everything is online today. For this reason events became a very popular and powerful instrument for connecting in “real” life with people. But connecting needs engagement. So what are the most effective ways to bring people to be interactive at your event? I would sum up the most successful points to the following ones:

  • Emotions: Try to touch people with emotions. Emotions are the most powerful weapon to connect with each other and to get people to express themselves.
  • Five senses: People are so different. Try to serve all senses at your event to make sure everyone feels attracted.
  • Shock people: Shock people with unusual matters. They will for sure talk about it, which means they will interact.
  • Surprise people: The same with surprising people. They will also talk about it, because it’s something new. New is always interesting and therefore worth talking about it.
  • Language: If you have a specific style of language, which is popular in your branch or company, use it! Language stimulates interaction and helps people to identify with something.
  • Topics: Choose subjects for your event, which people can strongly identify with. The more they can build a bridge to their own experiences, the more they will engage at your event.


Theresa Luger
Event Marketing