February 16, 2019

It all started in Morocco

We often get asked about how we find the speakers who share their ideas on the TEDxDornbirn stage.

Well let me tell you one story of Sally Hammoud who spoke at TEDxDornbirn in 2018 about Devalue your Value:
In April 2018, Sarah, our curator was invited to attend an European Union Project called YOUTH in Morocco. She stayed there for about a week working with other organizations from Morocco, Tunesia, France, Italy, Mazedonia and Lebanon. Two of the attendees were Sally and Abbas from Lebanon. After working together for a week we spent two more days in Tangier where we started to talk about our differences in culture and society about wars they have witnessed, about family traditions and about how to change the future.
After two days of listening to Abbas and Sallys stories, views on life and challenges they are taking on, Sarah was overwhelmed, inspired and moved. So on the last evening of their trip to Morocco, Sarah invited Sally to give a TEDxTalk in Dornbirn.
Only a couple of month later, Sally arrived in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg.
Watch her talk right here: Devalue Your Value


But the story continues… Sally became friends with the whole TEDx Team. That’s why three of our Teammembers Becci, Moz and Raf flew to Beirut in February 2019 to visit Sally.

TEDxDornbirn Speakers are not only here for one day,… they sometimes become friends.
Coverpicture: Blue City Chefchaouen in Morocco
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