Every morning at 7.45 am, the Sprungbrett Lädele in Bludenz awakes to life. When Dietmar, Sybille and Co. come in and start to work, a good and funny day takes its course. Plenty of ceramic and glass products, pictures, cards or wrapping paper as well as products out of wood, clay or candles fill the rooms of Sturnengasse 20. Inclusion is an important part of the work in the Sprungbrett Lädele. People with disabilities and people with no disabilities work together to produce great and funny products, develop outstanding projects and welcome guests at all age. The well known shop in the old city of Bludenz is famous – famous for the atmosphere, famous for the acceptance of everyone and everything, famous for evolvement and encounter at eye level. It´s a place where the creative potential of everyone will be recognized and developed. Something everyone is looking for, the desire to evolute. In the Sprungbrett Lädele everyone´s accepted and is able to get in touch with the environment within an inventive exchange. The people generate an atmosphere which everyone´s requiring to live. Unfortunately it´s quite often not possible to live such an atmosphere in the daily routine. In huge companies, with money and pressure as main factors of a working day, human values will be frequently lost.

Sprungbrett Lädele embosses the city of Bludenz. Different people visiting day by day the shop, to look for something special as a present or just to talk to the Sprungbrett crew, the mayor of Bludenz is coming to pick up some unique cards for christmas or Dietmar is just asking where someone´s living or if they have a washing machine at home or not. At lunch time the whole crew is walking through the city to go for lunch and just we have a quick chat with the woman from the flower shop or joke with the guy from the sports shop about todays weather. Young kids are joining the crew for creating some products for their first communion or just to get some new glasses for home.

Inclusion – a word everyone´s confronted with. It´s the turn of everyone to commit to a inclusive society. It doesn´t make sense to clarify the term in all conventions and laws without truly living the main idea of inclusion. Namely to get in touch with people, who need assistance, to accept people who want nothing else then participate at social processes and to give people possibilites they need for the creation of their daily life.

Text: Julia Alge, Sprungbrett Lädele