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June 3, 2019

Interview mit einer Besucherin

Interview mit einer Besucherin: nach der TEDxDornbirn 2018: TEDxDornbirn: Marina, Du warst jetzt schon zum 2. Mal auf der TEDx Dornbirn. Darf ich fragen, was Dich zur Wiederholungstäterin macht? Marina K: Um genau zu sein ist es schon mein drittes Mal gewesen. Als die TEDxDornbirn noch im Designforum stattfand, musste ich früher gehen da ich…

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June 3, 2019

Was ist TED eigentlich?

Die Veranstaltung TED existiert seit dem 27. Juni 2006. Damals hatte Al Gore einen der ersten TED Talks auf einer Bühne gehalten und über heute noch relevante Themen wie Klimaveränderung gesprochen. Ihm ging es um Aufklärung und Lösungsvorschläge. Unter anderen hielt Hans Rosling, welcher den aktuellen Bestseller „Factfulness“ schrieb, einen Vortrag über die faktenbasierte Entwicklung…

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March 19, 2019

Eye Contact – Face It: Break the distance

Contact without words. Our human nature. I look at you. You look at me. Go into yourself. Connect with yourself. Inspired by the artist Marina Abramovic and her performance, “The Artist is Present”, we – Dragana from mIGRA.kULTand Julia from Weltenplaner – provided an eye contact experience at the TEDxDornbirn event last summer. Marina Abramovic invited…

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February 16, 2019

It all started in Morocco

We often get asked about how we find the speakers who share their ideas on the TEDxDornbirn stage. Well let me tell you one story of Sally Hammoud who spoke at TEDxDornbirn in 2018 about Devalue your Value: In April 2018, Sarah, our curator was invited to attend an European Union Project called YOUTH in…

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January 18, 2019

Join us in 2019. Call for speakers is now open.

TEDxDornbirn is already happening for the fourth time this year concentrating on the theme ‘it’s our turn’. It’s our turn to contribute towards our shared future. We believe that the right idea has the power to change the world. Ideas can influence our lives in many positive ways. This year, we are looking for ideas…

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December 29, 2018

Getting in Tune

Getting in Tune – Carolina Eyck & her Theremin Carolina Eyck is a musician and composer and one of the world’s foremost Theremin virtuosi. The Theremin is an instrument, which is played without even touching it. Carolina dreams of a world, in which we can use the full potential of our human mind. A world in…

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December 19, 2018

How I biked across America


Louis Suttman is an american living in Salzburg, Austria and one of the most funny speakers we had so far. How to create the seemingly impossible? Louis Suttmann was born in a very small village on a small island somewhere in America, his life was actually already clear for everyone. And that right from the start….

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